Nitro 7

Nitro7 is a concept cart that operates a new technology wherein beverages (like cold-brew coffee and freshly brewed tea) are infused with nitrogen and served via tap, like draft beer. Our technique, while time-consuming and laborious, yields an amazing beverage that is creamy without the milk, and sweet without the sugar. Used with our nitrogen tap, our brews are doubly delicious, slightly effervescent and ice-cold.

Find your favorite from our Black Nitro, Nitro Iced tea, and mixed bestsellers: Hazelnut Caramel Mocha, Chocolate Macadamia, Irish Crème Breve, Toffee Hazelnut, and more.

Nitro7– the Philippines’ first Nitro Coffee and tea bar! Cheers!

Uncle Moe’s Shawarma Hub

Uncle Moe’s Shawarma Hub is a restaurant and food kiosk that has been serving Metro Manila with premium but affordable Persian food since 2006.

Since its inception, we have blended and grown in several communities with a carefully chosen menu stripped down to what our regular customers keep coming back to. Our bestsellers – the chicken kebab and kofta balls are served with homemade pita and our signature white sauce. We adapt to the community we cater to and choose our beverages based on what’s best for our neighborhood.

Flat Bread

Flat Bread is a favorite bread recipe made from a rolled out, deep fried, leavened dough. The bread is then brought to life by putting savory toppings and different cheeses before melting it off in the oven. What comes out next is heavenly goodness of Flat Bread of various flavour combination, Chicken and Pesto, Hamburger, Mexicana, Spicy Sardines, Bacon and Mushroom, Pepperoni, Margheritta, Cheese and Garlic, and for the sweet tooth, Smores!

Wait, there’s more! Flat Bread also offers nibblers like, Sausage and Bacon Roll, Chicken Pops and Cheese Bombs! It’s that pop-in-the-mouth kind of thing, sure to delight diners!

Also in the list to enjoy, pasta concoctions of Bacon Alfredo and Chicken Pesto! Creamy, rich sauce blends béchamel and pesto with bacon and chicken.

Everything at Flat Bread, we want fast to prepare, easy to eat and most importantly….best tasting!

‘Lil Taipei

‘Lil Taipei is a food concept brought to life by friends with a strong love for Taiwanese street food. Taiwan’s street food has always been a popular trademark to its rich food culture. Most of these dishes started in the street corners or temple plazas. Now, the night market industry has transformed to accommodate a wide variety of flavors influenced by Chinese and Japanese cuisines.

‘Lil Taipei is dedicated in bringing that rich experience to the already melting pot of Marikina. No complications, no tricks; just plain good food.

Kwatro Cubanos

Four good friends took their friendship to another level and wanted to set-up a business. The common ground for their business venture was their love for eating sandwiches and cheese. One of the boys who is a chef makes the best Cuban and Cheesesteak sandwich in the country hence Kwatro Cubanos was created.

Kwatro Cubanos is the 1st Filipino-Cuban-American that serves Cuba and Cheesesteak sandwiches with a Filipino twist. Various sandwiches was created to satisfy the FOODIES in the country.

The Archipelago by Barrio Fiesta

The Archipelago by Barrio Fiesta is an offshoot of the Barrio Fiesta brand to fit the current boxpark craze bringing great Filipino food in delectable single sized servings. Crispy Pata(P495), which by the way was originally invented by Barrio Fiesta, (including coining the name “Crispy Pata”) is offered as their main specialty. Rice meals such as the “Budbod Tapa”(P185) which features beef tapa shredded to bits topped over fried rice with chopped onions, tomatoes, and salted egg as sidings or the “Ilocano rice”(P215) Bagnet topped over fried atsuete rice garnished with onions,salted egg, and sprinkled with Vigan longganissa, ensure a filling and savory boxpark dining experience.

The Archipelago Express is located at Crave Park Marikina.

KM 128 Wing Joint

All roads lead to our joint. And our wings are hot, juicy, greasy and awesome! You bet, they’re tasty. So have your chicken wing fix with us. Wing it! Wing it!

Creamco Creamery

It all starts with our classic milk base. After numerous batches of trial and error, we came up with our own version of Italian style custard. But wait! It gets more exciting as we serve it the Thai way. We constantly curate flavours with fruits, biscuits and other toppings. We chop them up in our ice pan and turn them into fried ice cream rolls.

We promise your taste buds will be delighted with every bite of the freshest ice cream in town! We can’t wait to let you experience ice cream the Creamco way!

The Hungry Burro

The Hungry Burro makes a trek to Marikina for a Mexican Taqueria not just a must but a mission.  The no-frills Tex-Mex menu is simple but the flavors are anything but.  One bite into our plump, juicy burrito, or our filling chimichanga and you’ll see why.  We make our food from scratch, using only the freshest ingredients.  Turning the partaking of even a humble taco into a moment to savor.

Dabs & Popcorn

A happy, hip little kitchen that brings generous servings of simple gourmet dishes using some fresh organic produce and putting a spotlight on the humble, local corn. We are foodies that support local farmers giving you hits of guiltless pleasures… making sure that everything is smackable everyday!

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Torii Donburi

We at Torii Donburi specialize in classic Japanese rice bowls with a modern taste. Serving a range of Donburi favorites such as Katsudon, Gyudon, Chicken Teriyaki Don, with sides such a Nori Fries, Chicken Yakitori, and even Matcha cookies for dessert, Torii Donburi promises a delightful & memorable Japanese experience each and every time.


Quench is a new hip and vibrant beverage concept store in Marikina City. It is the only non-alcoholic beverage stall inside the Crave Park food park. By the name itself, Quench aims to satisfy thirsts with the variety of their specialty drinks. Quench offers a vibrant concept with a simple and fuss-free product line. Quench specializes in group drinks in big tubs such as lemonades and other flavored juices, dessert milkshakes, floats, Italian sodas, and other soft drinks. At Quench, you will never get thirsty!

Tokyo Tempura

Tokyo Tempura is the first tempura cart in the country to offer affordable tempura. For 3 years it has mushroomed in malls, bus depots and schools.  On its 4th year Tokyo Tempura launched Tokyo Tempura Unlimited, penetrating food parks with their irresistible Unli Tempura for P199. To-date, Tokyo Tempura has 50 outlets, 5 of which offer Unli, and still counting.

Hunger Buster

Hunger Buster started inside Ateneo at the JGSOM Enterprise Center, or also known as JSEC, and is owned by four Ateneans. It offers gourmet burgers and sandwiches at a very affordable price, always keeping in mind its customer-centric value. Selling more than 300 burgers a day, Hunger Buster now has a place along Taft Avenue, located inside University Mall and kiosks inside different institutions such as Ateneo and Xavier School.

What makes Hunger Buster one of a kind is its fresh, homemade patty that you won’t find elsewhere! Hunger Buster serves affordable and scrumptious burgers that will definitely satisfy one’s hunger. So tell us, how hungry are you?

Kawaii Kitchen

Check out the latest curry craze to hit Manila! Kawaii Kitchen offers delicious, authetic style Japanese Curry dishes combined with a fun, “Kawaii” twist for everyone to enjoy.

Offering a selection of Japanese favorites such as pork katsu curry, chicken karaage curry, cheese hamburg curry and wagyu beef curry. It is Kawaii Kitchen’s mission to not only fill your tummies with awesome food but also leave a smile on your face with every plate that we serve.

Spin the Bottle

Spin The Bottle bar is run by the same 4 siblings that formed Crave Park with their cool dad. With all of them having awesome memories of the 90’s, the bar became an ode to that era but with a millennial twist. Spin The Bottle bar’s sole purpose is to provide well-curated drinks that bring people together for good times. Their craft drinks in partnership with Edsa Beverage Design Group are their specialty and the bar is also well-stocked with a variety of local and imported beers and hard liquor to please the discerning craver. Spin The Bottle is happy to invite all the 90’s kids out there to play a round of beer pong inside an exclusive lounge surrounded by urban art by street artist @Distortmonsters. Life is but a fun game of truths and consequences! And we at Spin the Bottle believe in living it up!

Pub Express

Pub Express evolved from the desire to deliver great tasting food. We are all about serving food in the fastest time possible.

PUB EXPRESS prides itself with its best-selling Baby Back Ribs This fall-of-the-bone, mouth-watering chunk of goodness gets expressly served in 5 minutes a signature only PUB EXPRESS can deliver.  250 grams of succulent, delicious meat, all for P149.00.

Pulled Meat Bar

Pulled Meat Bar offers melt in your mouth tasty, juicy and tender pulled chicken,pork,beef on a bed of lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber; soft seared buns; choice of savory sweet or spicy bbq sauce with our signature sour cream sauce; accompanied with crackling flavored chips on the side. And that’s just our basic, get add-ons or try our specials to further intensify your Pulled experience! Go get Pulled!

Find Us

Waze Pin: Crave Park PH

Address: Lot 22 and 24, Block 3 Mayor Gil Fernando St., Bgy. Sto Niño, Centro de Buenviaje, Marikina City

Opening hours: 4 PM - 12:30 AM

+63 917 514 2377 (Globe)
+63 998 544 9673 (Smart)

Watch this space - Crave Park Marikina

Watch this space - Crave Park Marikina

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